Christianity is not a rule driven faith or a fear driven faith. It is not a guilt driven faith. It is a grace driven faith. - Pastor Dave Eshleman, Capital Christian Fellowship, August 9, 1998

Christian Links

Renovaré - Christian renewal movement founded by Friend Richard Foster.
[ logo]Christianity Net - official site of Christianity Today, featuring online features of 9 Christian magazines, over 50 message boards, and 2 extensive directories of Christian Web sites.
[Cybergrace Christian Network logo]Cybergrace Christian Network - many links, free software, etc.
[Bible Gateway logo]Bible Gateway - links to the Bible in several different translations and languages online, with search capability.
[Net Ministries logo] Net Ministries - Bringing Christians to the Internet and providing FREE Web pages to Christian churches, ministries, and charities.
Christians for Biblical Equality logo]Christians for Biblical Equality.
[Promise Keepers logo]Promise Keepers - the Christian men's movement.
[Evangelicals for Social Action logo]Evangelicals for Social Action


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